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As The Google Glass Makes A Comeback, Here’s Something To Refresh Your Memory About the Device


As the Google Glass makes a comeback at least to the enterprise scene, here’s what you need to know about it. To read more about its come back story, click here

At the mention of the word “Google” to the average person, what usually comes to their mind is that of a vast computer network that is all about search engines. In actual fact, these days, the ready-made answer to any question is “have you googled it?” This shows how much importance we have put on the internet search engine; and I dare say rightly so. However, the Google world is so much larger than that. It has so many other relatively unknown products According to the Business Insider, “Google is most known for its incredibly powerful web search and Android mobile operating system. But the internet giant is about much more than just searching and smartphones… Google has products and services all over the internet that aim to inform users, make their lives easier, and more secure too. We had no idea that some of these existed”

So we are going on or journey into the ‘google glass’ world, the google glass is a wearable ( Augmented Reality) tech which was designed like normal eye glasses, looking more like the swimming glosses warn by Olympians. However a more elaborate description for this can be found on the claims sections of the Google glass patent itself.

It reads as “An electronic device comprising of a frame configured to be worn on the head of user. The frame including a bridge configured to be supported on the nose of the user, a brow portion coupled to and extending away from the bridge to a first and remote therefrom and configured to be positioned our a first side of a brow of the user and a first arm having an end coupled to the first end of the brow portion and extending to a free end. The first arm being configured to be positioned over a first temple of the user with the free end disposed near a first ear of the user, wherein the bridge is adjustable…A generally transparent display means for affixing the display to a frame such that the display is moveable with respect to the frame through rotation.. and an input device mixed to the frame and configured for receiving from the user an input around with the function………. wherein info related to the function is presented on the display! That a quite a mouthful and even the lawyer-tech in me is still trying to wrap my head around it. However, and thankfully so, we have picture that can help us put this into perspective.

So whole the “pattern speak” may be dry and incomprehensible, but because it has a specified format that patterns take before they can be registerable, we cannot blame Google too much for this. However, we will try and break it down. It basically means the invention fits on the face like a fair of glosses with a stem curving around one eye to rest at the side of the head, with a little protrusion where the cleared transparent screen will be.

The other parts just provide stability as no tech input is on that other side. The first side contains the battery, control area, speaker, projector for the screen, processor for the Bluetooth and basically everything about the Google glass that makes it work.

The google gloss is therefore a piece of hardware that is capable of providing an amazing but of information at ones finger tips (or more aptly put, at ones eye level. Sporting a voice activation system that can connect one directly to the Google search engines it can be activated by simply saying “OKAY GLASS”

With a built app that gives the glass the ability to take a picture, record on audio make a video and make memories came alike all by just saying the word, it is nothing short of revolutionary and extra ordinary! Furthermore, its ability to record videos make it the perfect webcam, and for the consummate professional, it even serves as the tool for video calls and tele-conferencing.

The google gloss can navigate using the GPS chip, translate a foreign language, send in direct live feed reports, and generally give its user an almost super human ability to do ANYTHING!

Even though these days, because it is a very good example of AR, it is more a business-to-business technology designed for users in Education, Military, and any other sphere, that can use AR, but that does not preclude you from Augmenting your reality too right? “OKAY GOOGLE”.

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