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World Bank report shows African tech Hubs are on the rise especially in the East


Africa has seen an increase in Technology penetration and application and from the South to the North this growth has not been even as some countries still have considerable amount of work to do regarding the much needed infrastructure which will eventually spur growth. But one region that has witnessed a significant growth is East Africa. There has been technological advancements from efficient mobile payment systems in Kenya to 4G advancements in Rwanda.

According to a World Bank report on African Tech hubs, there are now over 90 Tech hubs on the continent. These hubs basically server as fertile ground for start ups to interact and grow their businesses.

A while back, Bloomberg published an article on the Kenyan Mpesa mobile payment system in which it argued that most western firms in that line of business are simply replicating an already existing African technology.

iHub in Kenya serves as place where Tech start ups meet to come up with great services.

You can see the World Bank map for yourself here

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