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Twitter plans “instant timeline” among other services


Twitter plans to launch an “instant timeline” feature which will allow visitors/guests to the site to see what’s happening on the site without having to sign up/sign in.
But here’s the catch to this, so should you decide to sign up after seeing this instant timeline, you get a “high-value timeline” which means your feed upon signing up will relate to most of the news you viewed or profiles you clicked.

The essence of this according to twitter is to easily convert visitors to active users and this is a priority for twitter.
Accroding to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, the active users on the site has grown by 52 million year-over-year to 284 million in the third quarter compared to Fscebook’s over 800 million active users. There are over 500 million unique users who visit the site every month; hence the need to convert these people into active users. ot all of these 500 million people are totally new though as some account holders with Twitter visit without logging in.
Costolo told investors on Wednesday that the his company was working on new mobile applications which will simplify sign up process as well as on-site search. New file sharing applications are also going to be launched soon with Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto saying users will be upload to videos taken on their phones directly to Twitter.

It has become common lately for social networking companies to push for better and more efficient mobile apps as many users now prefer to access these sites via smart devices. With Facebook recording over 500 million users on its messenger app alone, its time Twitter took advantage of its unique monthly visitors.
I’ll bring you more on this as we see these services launched.

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