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Top Hacking Tools And Software


Hacking tools are available aplenty. Top hackers in the world today recommend hacking tools made for Linux and Windows operating systems. If you’re a hacker, then one of these tools would definitely suit your purpose. According to most, hacking tools for Linux are much more powerful than Windows systems. That said, here is a list of the best hacking tools available online.
NMAP: This easy to use and widely useful hacking tool is considered by many to be the best ever. NMAP brings options like fingerprinting, pink scanning, port scanning, OS detection, alive hosts detection etc.

SUPERSCAN: Many Windows users swear by this hacking tool. It is a very powerful protocol port scanner, resolver and pinger. Some say it’s the NMAP alternative for Windows.

CAIN AND ABEL: While we’re talking about Windows, Cain & Abel is a powerful recovery tools for the Microsoft OS. It brings to the table options like cracking encrypted passwords, sniffing the network, Brute-Force, recording VoIP conversations and cryptology attacks etc.

JOHN THE RIPPER: The collective efforts of the open source community brought about this tool. You can use it as a quick password cracker and it is available for multiple platforms. The software is primarily meant to monitor weak operating systems.

NESSUS SECURITY SCANNER: This is a very functional and simple tool for network administrators and hackers. The vulnerability scanner has wide implementation and boasts high-speed discovery, quality identification, configuration auditing and sensitive information discovery for one’s security infrastructure.

WIRESHARK: This is a network protocol analyser, which can be used in order to capture and interactively browse through the content of a network frame. Wireshark is meant to be a quality analyser for Unix but it works pretty well on Windows too.

LIVE BULK MAILER: As the name suggests, this is a bulk mailer that can beat the spam filters put in place by Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. If sending bulk mails is what you’re looking at, then this is a tool for you.

WEBSITE DIGGER: The name is pretty self explanatory for this one. You can dig into a website and gain access to their content.

source: efytimes


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