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As Microsoft Kills Off Paint, Here’s A Look On How The Software Made “Life Fun” While It Lasted

Growing up and learning how to use a computer for the first time , out of curiosity I wanted to try out every application in the operating system , wanted to know how everything worked and what it was used for and its function in the computer. A desktop was more commonly used before the inversion of laptops, can still remember how many times I will click on the paint app which is commonly known as Microsoft paint and draw anything that comes in mind in different colours just for the fun of it then save to view it over and over again , sometimes those memories will make you smile.
Microsoft Paint, is a simple computer graphics app that has been included with all versions of Microsoft has given a lot of people an insight to painting and has introduced a lot of people to art on the computer for the first time and it has been a part and parcel of most people day in , day out activities like a reminder the moment you turn on your computer is right there at the corner of your screen staring back at you and it has been used for very simple image interpretation and manipulative task.
paint 1
The paint was first introduced with the first version of windows 1.0 in 1985, and it has been the core part of windows as the first graphics editing app used many for different editorial purposes. And Microsoft released the next windows 10 update, which will be called Autumn (fall) will come with a whole new level of variety of new features and it will also lead to the removal of the long stayed graphic app in the operating system.
In line with the windows 10 creator update , which was launched in April , which also came about the introduction of the new paint 3D which was installed together with the paintbrush and its features has an 3d image , 3D making image tools and some 3D basic image editing features but it’s features are far from the paint graphic app we are use too. And now Microsoft have officially  announced the removal of reader app , outlook express , reading list and the Microsoft paint will face death penalty by removal in the next window 10 fall creation update list.
Microsoft paint having been added to the list of In active development list and it had been marked for future removal , No precise date to when their will take effect for the removal or the exact date for the release of the new fall creation update but it’s is sure expected sometime in October this year but meanwhile we sure going to miss it.
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