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Mark Zuckerberg Gets a $1.2b Birthday Gift


Mark Zuckerberg was born on the 14th of May 1984 and this means he turned 31 yesterday. Not all billionaires get to make a billion dollars on their birthday but this one did. , not many people make $1.2 billion on their birthday.

According to USA Today “shares of the No. 1 social media company jumped $2.93, or 3.7%, to $81.37 Thursday. That’s a $1.2 billion gain for Zuckerberg, who owns 426.3 million shares. It just underscores why it’s so good to be Zuckerberg. The company and stock flourished under the CEO during his 30th year – rocketing 37.4%. No one benefitted more than the Zuck. Zuckerberg’s shares jumped $9.4 billion in value over the past year. This doesn’t even include the $610,455 he was paid last year for serving as CEO. That sure eases the pain of getting a year older.”

From all of us at TechBooky, Happy birthday to you Mark.

By the way, who wouldn’t want a gift of this magnitude? 🙂

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