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How Would Like To See Your Unborn Baby In VR? Here’s One Woman’s Experience


Virtual Reality (VR) had a good run in 2016 and is expected to be brought to many more in different fields because of the wide range of applications that it has. We have seen VR used in accessing terrains that are considered dangerous to humans and then in gaming, it has brought about a whole new experience.

But would you like to meet your child and know just how they are doing before they are born?

Well one woman shares her experience with us. According to a report in Adventure Club, the woman said

When I put the VR glasses on for the first time, the experience took my breath away. Even though I knew this was only a 3D model, the fact that it was based on our unborn child and the power of this immersive experience really blew my mind. For the first ten minutes is was just sitting still on the floor watching her floating in the air next to me. It was very emotional and calming, yet unreal.

While it was an emotional experience, it was an appreciated one which made her arrive at the following conclusions;

  • It’s as awesome as it’s weird
  • Music plays a huge role in this kind of emotional experience
  • A lot of manual 3D sculpting is still needed
  • The scanning should take place before pregnancy week 32

While she thinks meeting our unborn babies in VR is the future, there’s still a lot of work to be done with respect to overall image output. “I think services of this kind of could be offered in the near future, but at the moment the quality of the scan is still too blurry, and the process involves too many manual steps. Then again, it certainly is worth the effort.”

great grandma meeting the child

80-years old grandmom meeting my daughter in VR. Her first reaction was “awww look at her! she is so tiny and cute”

Her 80 year old grandma also had a chance to see what her great-grand daughter looked like in the womb. But if you’re like some who just want to see the secret unveiled after nine months, you may not appreciate the technology but don’t be surprised the next time you go the hospital and you are offered the VR Ultra scan option.

But besides this, a more refined medical VR technology of this kind can make it easier to precisely know the location and size of tumours in future. The big question though is how much of VR we want in our lives.

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