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Not All That Glitters Is Gold? This Glittering iPhone Case Can Burn You And Has Now Been Recalled


A scary story as this one calls to memory, the Samsung Note 7 which caught fire at times, prompting a worldwide recall. It’s quite a similar case with the glitter iPhone case. According to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the liquid in a glitter iPhone case could burn you.

The recall has taken effect in the US, Canada and Mexico, following a press release by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission:

“One consumer reported permanent scarring from a chemical burn and another consumer reported chemical burns and swelling to her leg, face, neck, chest, upper body and hands.”

Over 200,000 cases have been sold in the US, Mexico and Canada by retailers like Amazon, Henri Bendel, MixBin, Nordstrom Rack, Tory Burch and Victoria’s Secret for almost two years.

The cases contain glitter floating beneath their plastic surface and were produced  MixBin Electronics. The manufacturer is offering reimbursement to customers to bought the product.

Photos of the products, some of which carry Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel or Tory Burch brand have been posted online- on the manufacturer’s website.

The cases have been removed from Amazon and EBay stores to prevent further damages.

This is quite an ugly experience. I hope MixBin brings back to life this problematic iPhone case.

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